Bollywood Princess Meets Basic White Girl

sneha and court

By Courtney Dupont

Rutgers is known for being a diverse university. Which is great, right? Students here are exposed to all types of culture.

Basic white girls are demeaned for enjoying their pumpkin spice lattes at Starbucks, while Indian students are told to keep their Bollywood food out of the kitchen fridge.

But, why? These stereotypes are creating social norms that divide the community.

My housemate, Sneha Yenikepati, and I are both juniors this year, but I am Caucasian and she is Indian. The funny thing about our relationship is that we seem to break all the stereotypes.

In fact, when we take our daily trips to Starbucks not only do I enjoy a pumpkin spice late, but Sneha indulges in one too.

And that’s not all, I actually asked to try a dish her mother made her; it was a tradition Indian dish called lamb rogan josh–yes it did have a rather strong smell, but I learned that I love curry and I’m getting the recipe so I can make it for myself.

Ironic relationship right? In reality, no. Everyone should be able to, without shame, enjoy a delicious pumpkin spice latté, and frankly more people should try Indian food instead of being afraid of it.

I guess my point it that stereotyping is a funny thing. Yes, we are all different, but we all bring something good to the table.

I find that when I personally explore this diverse community, I often find a little bit of happiness in the stereotypes.